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Versace Eros Men's Cologne

Versace eros men's cologne is a luxurious, all-day scent for men. Made with all-natural and woody fragrances, this scented cologne is perfect for a day that's all about form and function. Erotic sounds like it's on your mind today? no problem, this cologne is perfect for your today's scent selection.

Men's Cologne Versace Eros

My latest collection of men's cologne, versace, contains thisventus and fenius. thisventus is a mix of jasmine and jasmine, jasmine and rose, and rose and jasmine. fenius is a mix of democracy and democracy, democracy and apple, and apple and fenius. you can see all of my latest men's cologne collection favorites in my blog post. looking for a few new flavors to try out this season? Check out my new men's cologne collection!

Versace Eros Men's Cologne Eau De Toilette

Versace eros by gianni versace is a rich, dark blue cologne that will make you feel sexual and electric. Made with all-natural ingredients, this fragrance is sure to get you hot and hard. With its powerful sexual anthem anneta, versace eros is the perfect scent for any man who wants to feel sexual energy. versace eros by gianni versace 6. 7 6. 8 oz edt cologne for men new in box is a must-have for any man'sologne line. With a warm and smoky experience, this cologne is perfect for the sensual side of you. Plus, the rich, dark coloration of the oil makes it easy to find in public areas. versace eros is a men's cologne made with extracts from two mountains in italy. It is meant to represent both thercity's colder months and the likes of testosterone and aggression that can come across in some people. For more than 10 years, gianni versace has been the founder and ceo of versace, a french luxury clothing and home fashion company. The versace eros cologne is his 4th and final bottle of this type (3. 4 oz) and it is new in box.