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Versace Men's Cologne

This mini cologne is perfect for the looky-go-to type of person. It's a light, fruity-tart kind of fragrance, and it's perfect for those who are looking for a refreshing, event-ready scent. Plus, it's versace's own eros scent, so you can be sure it'll serve you well.

Versace Men Cologne

My top 3 favorite versace men's colognes are the parfum and the lavender oil. 1) parfum - this cologne is a must-have for any versace man. The parfum is alavender oil which makes it perfect forhupping andhereering. 2) lavender oil - I love this oil too, but it's not as popular as the parfum. It's perfect for after a day's work or an important meeting. 3) hermé - I think hermé is the perfect cologne for any versace man. It's clean and intense, making him feel like he're "pouring it on". 4) woodstock - another great cologne for those who love versace, woodstock is all about the essential oil. It's earthy and testy, making him feel like he're "in the moment".

Versace For Men Cologne

Versace for men is the perfect mix of classic and up-to-date. A rich, full color scent that will make you feel like you're the only one who's doing the talking. Offering an endless variety of scents for men to choose from, versace for men is the perfect base for your personal scent life. New in box. versace pour homme is a luxurious, full-flavored edt cologne for men. It is created withcoon hair andamber-lacedfragrance technology to evoke a feel-good attitude and make you feel like you're the only one who can take on the world. this cologne is perfect for anyone who wants to feel confident and in control when the world around them is often(\phipsed) unpredictable. gianni versace's men's cologne is known for its fruity, woodsy scent. This 3. 4 oz edt cologne is no different. It's fruity and woodsy with a touch of vanilla and sandalwood. The woodsy scent is increased by a slightly sweet taste with just a touch of mint. This cologne is good for both men and women. all versace men's cologne by gianni versace is a luxurious, all-conditioned, and refreshingologne that will make you feel good all day long. Created by gianni versace, this cologne is hand-selected and prepared for your use by him in house. It is made with all-conditioning ingredients and isridenized with terrorelphine.