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Versace Eau Fraiche Men's Cologne Gift Set

This versace eau fraiche men cologne gift set spray 3. 4 oz. Is a great way to gift-gift-gift with your favorite fashion designer! It comes with a 1. 4 oz. Glass cologne and a 3. Glass cologne in a small new box.


Versace Eau Fraiche Men's Cologne Gift Set Walmart

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Versace Eau Fraiche Men's Cologne Gift Set Amazon

This versace eau fraiche cologne 3pc set is perfect for your man's scent needs. It comes with a 3. 4 oz. Mini spray and bag, which is perfect for creating a personal gift. Or go for a more formal approach with a more lavish setting. This set also comes with a bag and spray, which is perfect for on-the-go gift giving. this versace eau fraiche 3pc gift set is perfect for the special someone who loves their perfume! It includes a bottle of each men's cologne, along with a 25 ml mini bottle. This is a great gift for those who appreciate good perfume! this sets contains 3 fragrances: versace eau fraiche (3pc set) - men's cologney spray 2. 5 oz edt spray after shave gel c. this set is perfect for your man as he will love the new, fresh, scent of versace eau fraiche. This scents unique mix of cologney and peppermint is perfect for a man's scent locker. This gift set also comes with a men's cologne and a 2. 5 oz edt spray. This gift set contains: 1 versace eau fraiche men's cologne 1 oz spraysum for freshness 1 ozone sprayer 1 name label.